SKETCH is Seeking Artist Volunteers in their Community Arts Programming (Toronto)

1 08 2013


SKETCH Artist Volunteers directly support SKETCH community arts programming, either by facilitating workshops, supporting the coordination of a program, or providing mentorship to SKETCH youth artists. We invite applications from Artist Volunteers in all arts media and techniques. Nevertheless, we have identified specific areas where we know we need support, which we have listed at the beginning of the application. If you have other areas of expertise, or a specific project you’d like to offer, we’re always open to suggestions! The deadline for this round of Artist Volunteers is August 7, 2013.

For more information, please download SKETCH’s Artist Volunteer Application here.

-posted with permission from Sonya Reynolds, Program Administrator, SKETCH Working Arts

For more information on SKETCH,  read our profile on SKETCH.
Please see ArtBridges’ Google map for contact information.

For ArtBridges/ToileDesArts sponsorship opportunities: Simon Constam, Sponsorship Director,, 905-537-7227
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