Friday Morning Coffee: Presenting ArtBridges/ToileDesArts New Logo!

26 04 2013


We are pleased to present ArtBridges/ToileDesArts’ new logo!

Just over a year ago, we held a bilingual Canada-wide logo contest on our blog, twitter and facebook page and asked for submissions of creative ideas from community partners, friends and blog readers.

We are happy to announce that the winner of the contest is Gillian McQuade. We think she captured the concept that symbolizes ArtBridges/ToileDesArts. Gillian McQuade is a British Columbia-based artist trained in graphic design.

As most of our work at ArtBridges is collaborative in process:

Cora-Rae Silk adapted Gillian’s illustration to transform the symbol into its current look. Cora-Rae Silk, originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario, is a graphic designer and is also ArtBridges/ToileDesArts’ Indigenous Community Arts Coordinator & Communications Assistant.  (

Courtney Wotherspoon then created hand-lettering specifically for this logo. Courtney Wotherspoon is an award-winning artist, illustrator and designer based in Toronto.

With our website development team, ViUU inc.‘s Director & Project Manager Samuel Benisty arranged the graphic and lettering to create several renditions and sizes of the completed logo.

Thanks to Gillian, Cora, Courtney, Samuel and the input of the rest of the ArtBridges team for this collaborative effort!
Be on the lookout for our new logo, as you’ll see it gradually implemented into our material soon! We hope that you like it!

– Seanna Connell, Project Director, ArtBridges/ToileDesArts

ArtBridges/ToileDesArts Logo


For ArtBridges/ToileDesArts sponsorship opportunities: Simon Constam, Sponsorship Director,, 905-537-7227
Return to ArtBridges/ToileDesArts homepage



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