Profile: Raven Spirit Dance (Vancouver and the Yukon)

12 12 2012



Profile: Raven Spirit Dance
Status: Not-for-profit
Community Served: Raven Spirit Dance works with many communities, including dancers (Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal/professional and non-professional), the artistic community, designers of many disciplines and our own local communities that include youth and seniors. We also work with other communities when we tour and travel.
Arts Focus: Contemporary Aboriginal Dance Company
Language: English
Location: Reside in Vancouver, BC but with strong creative connections to the Yukon
Mandate: Raven Spirit Dance Society’s mandate is to create, develop and produce exceptional contemporary dance that is rooted in traditional and contemporary Aboriginal worldview.
Main Arts Activities/Projects: Raven Spirit is active in contemporary dance and Aboriginal communities by teaching, facilitating workshops, mentoring and residencies. In 2012, Raven Spirit performed shows from 4 different works and recently toured Gathering Light nationally with performances at the Canada Dance Festival, Rubaboo Festival, Adaka Festival and at K.I.A.C. in Dawson City, Yukon. The company is currently in research, development and creation with 4 new projects – Northern Journey, Confluence, La Espalda and a new TYA (theatre for young audiences) show.
Contact: Janice Beley, General Manger
Phone Number: (604) 646-0010
Address: 677 Davie Street, 7th floor, Vancouver, BC V6B 2G6

Submitted by Janice Beley, Raven Spirit Dance

Above left: Ashes on the Water / Performer: Jeanette Kotowich / Photo Credit: Chris Randle
Above right: Frost Exploding Trees Moon / Performer: Michelle Olson / Photo Credit: Chris Randle

Please see ArtBridges’ Google map for more information.



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