Digital Storytelling Opportunity: Pier 21 Wants to Hear Your Story! (Canada-wide)

10 12 2012


Pier 21, the national museum of immigration based in Halifax, has “an exciting opportunity to offer a free digital storytelling program to an organization in each province. The goal is to collect immigration stories from across Canada. Each person will learn to make their own 3-5 video that is based on
a personal story of immigration. This is a broad theme, and includes new immigrants as well as 2nd and 3rd generation experiences.

The application is simple–just a few questions on why your organization is interested and who your group will be. The deadline is Dec 14.”

Missed the deadline?  There may still be a spot for you!  Send an email to find out!”

 -submitted by Jennifer Lafontaine, Digital Storytelling, Pier 21

Please see ArtBridges’ Google map for more information



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