Profile: Native Earth Performing Arts (Toronto)

4 10 2012


Profile: Native Earth Performing Arts
Status: Not-for-profit
Community Served: Aboriginal & arts’ community
Arts Focus: Performance Art (theatre specific)
Language(s): All Indigenous languages, English, French.
Location: Toronto, ON
Mandate: Native Earth Performing Arts Inc. (NEPA Inc.) is dedicated to the expression of the Indigenous experience through theatre arts. It’s mandate is:
– to provide a base for professional Native performers, writers, technicians and other artists
– to encourage the use of theatre as a form of communication within the Native community, including the use of Native languages
– to communicate to our audiences the experiences that are unique to Native people in contemporary society
– to contribute to the further development of theatre in Canada
Main Arts Activities/Projects: Native Earth Performing Arts reaches out to the Aboriginal and artistic communities through our Made to Order program, volunteer opportunities, and apprentice programs. These programs allow the community to get involved in the arts, no matter what level you are currently at.
Made to Order is customized theatre for any educational or working institution. It allows the community to dictate what theatre they want to experience and be a part of. It also includes Q & A’s as well as study guides. Most of the topics covered with our Made to Order program encourages and provokes discussion, which in turn creates social change.
Volunteering for Native Earth Performing Arts has proven to be a positive experience and has also given opportunities to those who may not normally be given an artistic or job opportunity. Our volunteers range in age from 16-60 years old. This is a great example of how inclusive Native Earth is and continues to be in our community.
Apprentice programs at Native Earth Performing Arts range from Apprentice Director, to Apprentice Fight Choreographer, to Lighting, Projection, and Set Design Apprentice, to Apprentice Actor, to Artist Assistant/Elder Host, to Apprentice Artistic Director, to Apprentice General Manager, to Production Manager Apprentice, and finally to Apprentice Administrative Assistant. This is a thorough list of opportunities for the youth and emerging artists in the community who are looking for a way into the artistic community is a safe and nurturing environment.
Contact: Tara Beagan, Artistic Director
Phone Number:
 (416) 537-1402 OR
585 Dundas Street East, Suite 250, Toronto, ON M5A 2B7

Submitted by Aqua Rennie, Community Liason
Native Earth Performing Arts

Please see ArtBridges’ Google map for more information.



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