Profile: Heart of the City Piano Program, Montréal Branch

20 08 2012

photo credits: Bettina Choo, Heart of the City Piano Program, Montréal Branch

Profile: Heart of the City Piano Program, Montréal Branch
Status: Heart of the City Piano Program is a national organization with branches in different Canadian cities. The Montréal Branch is a University-student led organization affiliated with the McGill Alma Mater Fund and the Student’s Society of McGill University
Community served: At-risk youth
Regions served: Montréal (There are other branches in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Regina, and Ottawa)
Languages used: English and French
Arts focus: Music
Summary of Main Art Activities: The Montréal Heart of the City Piano Program provides free piano lessons to inner city children by bringing volunteer teachers into elementary schools. Our program strives not only to provide the children with a skill, but also to help foster self-esteem and show these children what they can accomplish with practice and dedication. Our volunteers are enthusiastic, community-oriented young adults who serve as excellent role models for the students. Each child receives a private music lesson once a week and is required to practice regularly in a room in their elementary school equipped with headphones and keyboards. The program is completely volunteer-run and is supported entirely by the team’s fundraising events and community donations.
1. To give at-risk children the opportunity to take music lessons which may otherwise not be possible due to financial barriers.
2. To expose at-risk children to a variety of musical styles and help the children develop an appreciation for music.
3. To empower children to make positive life-style choices by increasing their self-esteem and developing discipline.
4. To encourage the development of nurturing relationships between at-risk children and volunteers.
5.  To promote community involvement and social awareness in young adults.
Contact: Bettina Choo, Program Co-Director
Phone number: 514-889-1420
Address: Students’ Society of McGill University, 3600 rue McTavish, Suite 1200, Mailbox #6, Montréal, QC H3A 0E7 Canada

-submitted by Bettina Choo, Program Co-Director, Heart of the City Piano Program, Montréal Branch

“The Heart of the City Piano Program (Montreal branch) recently became officially affiliated with the McGill Alumni Association ‘Seeds of Change’ Program which allows alumni to choose to donate to grassroots McGill organizations. For the first time, individuals are able to make tax deductible donations to the Montreal Branch at

Please look forward to the French profile for Heart of the City Piano Program, Montréal Branch in the future!



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