Profile: Ottawa Urban Arts (Ottawa)

25 04 2012

Profile: Ottawa Urban Arts
Status: Not-for-profit organization
Community served: Youth, Adults, Homeless, First Nations
Arts focus: Urban Visual Arts
Language: English
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Mandate: We are an eclectic group of professional urban and graffiti artists, who work in a variety of mediums and styles. Our roots are in aerosol arts, hip hop and street culture. We represent a local branch of an international movement, uniting Ottawa’s street artists in an internally mentored collective designed to provide alternative outlets for expression, while raising awareness about the creative side of graffiti.
Main arts activities: It is our goal to help transform neighborhoods and communities, unite residents, property owners and youth groups, and teach youth to make their voice heard in positive, creative ways. We work with business owners, community associations, youth groups, and the city to create murals through artistic mentorship programs geared towards community enhancement.
Contact: Cassandra Dickie – Mike Davis
Phone number: 613-863-7277 – 613-240-4904
Address: Ottawa, ON

-submitted by Cassandra Dickie, Ottawa Urban Arts

Please see ArtBridges’ Google map for more information.



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