Profile: Nu Deal Program at The Print Studio (Hamilton, ON)

21 03 2012

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photos by Nu Deal

Profile: Nu Deal at The Print Studio
Status: a 12 week program at The Print Studio, which is a Not-for-profit organization
Community served:  Youth
Arts focus:  screenprinting
Language: English
Location: Downtown Hamilton
Mandate: Nu Deal is part of The Print Studio’s Community Arts Activities. The 12-week program presents an opportunity for at-risk/youth-in-transition to learn screenprinting in a professional studio environment, and to design, market and sell their products in a social enterprise context.
Main arts activities/projects: The Print Studio (TPS) is an artist-run centre that is dedicated to promoting printmaking and media arts in contemporary artistic discourse. As a print production and exhibition space, animator of community arts and education centre, TPS supports both traditional and experimental print and new media practices. The centre encourages critical inquiry, experimentation and innovation, and provides forums for discussion and examination of contemporary theory. TPS supports artists in the development of their professional endeavours and acts as a resource centre for print culture by actively engaging the visual arts community.
Contact: Colina Maxwell (Executive Director), Ingrid Mayrhofer (Project Coordinator)
Phone number: 905-524-2415

-submitted by Ingrid Mayrhofer, The Print Studio

Please see ArtBridges Google map for more information



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