Workshop: “Building Connections” – Social Media Workshop Series (Community Arts Ontario)

8 09 2011

“Building Connections” – Social Media Workshop Series

Community Arts Ontario is pleased to announce the launch of their new social media workshop series- Building Connections. Learn how to use social media with jargon free explanations. Find out how to effectively use Facebook, Twitter, blogs, flickr, Vimeo, YouTube, Tumblr, RSS Feeds and CMS systems to promote your organization. Creating a social media policy is extremely important and these lessons will help you determine which social media options can best benefit your organization.

These workshops will address common fears that prevent many organizations and not-for-profits from adopting social media. They will provide suggestions on issues like how to monitor and track successes and how to avoid pitfalls. They will highlight ways that can help relieve the stresses of a lack of human resources or funding, reduced budgets for advertising or marketing efforts, and unfamiliarity with new technology by using simple (and in many cases, free) solutions to actively engage with other people.

Sign up for the following workshops online, starting August 8th, 2011:

1.  The Keys to Social Media – An Introduction: A presentation of the different types of social media available, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the importance of creating a social media policy.

2. Make More Friends – How to Establish Connections on Facebook: A detailed 10 tip workshop specific to getting more out of a Facebook Business page. It will explain how to categorize yourself to get the most likes, how to revive a dead page and how to keep things alive and interesting.

3. Twitter – Developing One-on-One Conversations in Real Time: Presenting case studies of successful (and not so successful) uses of Twitter, software that makes managing Twitter easier (example: HootSuite), and how to measure your success.

4. It’s in the Mail- A Practical E-newsletter Workshop: How to use templates to create effective e-mail communication, how to track whether or not people open or read your e-mail messages and how to drive people to your web site or Facebook page.

5. Auto Pilot – Automating Social Media Tasks: For the person with more tasks than time, this workshop will present ways to be more efficient, such as linking social media accounts, creating analytic reports that input user interactions for you and integrating RSS feeds.

CAO Members save 25% off the cost of each workshop and only pay $21.49. If you would like to become a CAO member, click here to sign up.  Non-members pay $28.33. Our workshops are led by leaders in the field and last 2 hours with designated time for questions. You can attend your workshops in person or online.

Community Arts Ontario is a provincial service organization comprised of cultural centres, community arts groups, municipalities, artists and public supporters. CAO cultivates and connects the arts, artists and people across Ontario and provides network, exchange, and professional development opportunities for community arts practitioners.”

– posted with permission from Steve Khan, Community Arts Ontario

Please see ArtBridges’ Google Map for more information



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