Profile: Leave Out ViolencE Nova Scotia

20 05 2011

Profile: Leave Out ViolencE Nova Scotia
Status: Not-for-profit charitable organization
Community served: Youth
Location/Region served: Halifax Regional Municipality, Indian Brook First Nation (Shubenacadie), Membertou First Nation (Sydney) /  Nova Scotia
Language(s) used: English
Arts focus: writing, poetry, photojournalism, photography
Summary of main art activities: LOVE provides opportunities for youth to use media arts as means to express themselves constructively, learn and practice skills, and overcome barriers. LOVE’s youth use free writing, poetry, photojournalism, photography, and video to express their experiences and perspectives, and to discuss issues of violence in their lives and communities.
Mandate: In LOVE’s programs we build community. Through strong, meaningful relationships we work to provide opportunities for young people to see their brilliance and skills, and we support them to use their strengths to build healthy, happy, successful lives. LOVE supports our youth to learn leadership and life skills while they create artworks that become powerful education tools. Our team of youth spokespeople use media arts as educational tools to teach community members about root causes, effects, and alternatives to violence. LOVE’s youth also facilitate presentations, workshops, and processes to reach out purposefully to teach people in their communities about anti-violence, youth culture, social justice, and other issues that are important to them. Our youth educate thousands of youth, adults, and groups throughout our communities every year.
Contact: Sarah MacLaren
Phone number: (902) 429-6616
Address: Suite 106 – 1657 Barrington Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 2A1

– submitted by Andrew Abraham, Program & Communications Coordinator

Please see ArtBridges’ Google Map for more contact information.



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